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Power Art at Reichstag

December 18, 2011


This morning I joined a Kunst und Architekturführung at the Reichstag building. When I stood on the roof next to Norman Foster’s dome, I realised Hans Haacke’s work Der Bevölkerung (see also this post) must be visible on Google Earth, and indeed it is: The poor legibility is mainly due to the work itself: the […]

Huge Cartoon by Martha Rosler and Josh Neufeld

December 8, 2011


Quite an accidental discovery: a work by American artist Martha Rosler and her son cartoonist Josh Neufeld. They were invited to make someting for the façade of Auguststrasse 10, where the DAAD and KuLe will realise a series of works. It was supposed to be gone by the end of November, but they told me […]

Wowereit, a donut and two balls

September 12, 2011


An opening of a public art work – at monday morning 11 AM mind you – with the mayor of Berlin, an event I couldn’t miss of course. As I locked my bike I heard them say that public art was indeed very important, for the general non museum visiting audience to come in contact […]