Public Art between GDR and Prussia

November 10, 2011


Because I had a meeting there I took the day to bike around Potsdam and see their public art (and parks and buildings of course). First stop was a tower by Dutch artist Lucas Lenglet, situated perfectly in the city center and also next to some plattenbau flats. It’s a really nice work I think, […]

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Hans Haacke’s Bevölkerung

November 9, 2011


A discussion organised on the occasion of Hans Haacke’s 75th birthday – my apologies for the picture, Haacke was really there (2nd from the right). The discussion was about his work for Reichstag, which made it interesting for my research. For this work he made a text in neon signs, placed in a court yard […]

Salon 2: On initiative and public

November 3, 2011


Where does the initiative for public art come from, besides government policies? Artists and other parties can and do take the initiative for art projects in public space – in Berlin so more than in other places – either to seek out a wider audience or to seek opportunities for showing themselves. What are the […]

Derelict Public Spaces

October 30, 2011


Fellow researcher Mariska van den Berg is joining me at ABA this week, her focus is on forms of appropriation of public space – artists, designers, architects or other civic groups claiming pieces of the city for informal use. Together we took a look at what is left of Skulpturenpark Berlin Zentrum, a stretch of […]

Planning the second Salon: on Initiative and Public

October 28, 2011


Working lunch with the ABA-team (Susanne, Ilka and Aleksander), diligently planning the next salons. My outline: In the programme of ABA meetings I hope to shed light on a few questions (see also post on First Observations). First I feel there is a sense of urgency in terms of the future of public art. This […]

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First observations

October 10, 2011


Berlin’s public art and the way it is organised seems to gravitate around three notions: 1. A long, vast tradition of art commissions for public buildings (Kunst am Bau), organised in competitions. For the smaller commissions mostly local artists are invited, for the larger ones more well known but still predominantly German artists. A few […]

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Another Buch

October 10, 2011


So the book-before-the-book arrived, I love it! It was made in 1990 just after the Wende, it has an editor for the West-Berlin art and one for the East-Berlin art. It is so delicately designed, it looks like a Lara Almarcegui guide book. Ultra dry. So dry in fact that there’s hardly any pictures – […]

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