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Huge Cartoon by Martha Rosler and Josh Neufeld

December 8, 2011


Quite an accidental discovery: a work by American artist Martha Rosler and her son cartoonist Josh Neufeld. They were invited to make someting for the façade of Auguststrasse 10, where the DAAD and KuLe will realise a series of works. It was supposed to be gone by the end of November, but they told me […]

Derelict Public Spaces

October 30, 2011


Fellow researcher Mariska van den Berg is joining me at ABA this week, her focus is on forms of appropriation of public space – artists, designers, architects or other civic groups claiming pieces of the city for informal use. Together we took a look at what is left of Skulpturenpark Berlin Zentrum, a stretch of […]

Graham and Gaillard

September 18, 2011


I guess now it’s time to talk about that thing that’s been sitting outside my window, right on top of a neighbouring building: a work by the French artist Cyprien Gaillard. The building it’s sitting on is exaclty like one of his drawings, a ruin of a modernist building (Haus der Statistik), very beautiful actually. […]

Temporary things

September 12, 2011


Saturday there was the opportunity to see some temporary projects: One of the works in the Meridian | Urban project from Haus der Kulturen der Welt. It’s called Metrotopie, by artists Shira Wachsmann and Anne Duk Hee Jordan. The whole project refers to health and the city – here the tram was taken as an […]


September 5, 2011


Florian Goettke pointed me towards a project, called Palast der Zweifel, which was done by artist Lars ø Ramberg. It alluded to the discussion held at the time on the future of the Volkspalast, which is now gone. It works very strongly in a broader sense as well I think. For more information see here […]

Painting Reality by IEPE & the anonymous crew

August 18, 2011


An uplifting pubic art project by IEPE & the anonymous crew. 2000 Cars spread 500 litres of environmentally friendly paint on Rosenthaler platz. Contrary to common belief painting is not dead – also it’s a whole new way of ‘automated’ art making. Official video