Shifted Sidewalk

Posted on December 19, 2011


The Martha Rosler work in Auguststrasse was gone now, but it turned out there was another art work only a few feet away that to me had remained completely unnoticed:

It’s a piece by Brazilian artist Renata Lucas, which she did for KW in 2010, as part of an exhibition. I guess it just stayed there after. The work makes a large circle that runs partly underneath the building, and has its center in the arched entrance. The surface of this circle has been shifted by 7.5 degrees, which is the reason why the pavement looks like it does: the whole stretch befor the entrance has been slightly rotated.

You notice it most at the edge of the street where the sidewalk protrudes/recedes:

And you kind of wonder wether the lamp post has also shifted. The other part of the work was a circle all the way in the back of KW, inside, that was half under the back wall and actually rotated when you walked on it. Kind of difficult to explain, but here you can see it in action.

I love this work, even though as a an art work in public it’s very modest – it doesn’t claim any extra space and doesn’t throw any ideas in your face. But it’s just an art work doing its thing, by itself, and once you’ve seen it it’s like you’re in on a wonderful secret. Hope it stays there for a long time to come, it just might if nobody notifies anybody.