Hansaviertel, Marzahn and Hellersdorf

Posted on December 6, 2011


My field work is becoming a strange game of ‘find the weird sculptures’. I’m beginning to sense where they may be when I enter a particular area: between some high rises, on a green patch by the side of the road, in front of a public building… when you’re in a post war Grosssiedlung and you see a street called ‘something Promenade’ there’s bound to be a sculpture or two when you follow it.

This one was in plain sight when I entered Hansaviertel, on Altonaer Strasse.

This one on the other hand I spotted from behind the bushes,  when I saw something glimmering.

And this one was the nicest one there I thought.

This one totally escaped my attention, until I saw it right in front of me when I stopped for another reason.

In Marzahn and Hellersdorf it turned out to be harder to find them, either because the area is just too big and I missed a lot, or because many of them have been taken away. One weird thing was this though:

A Plattenbau facade turned into a fake palazzo-neo-something style appartment building. The plants and the friendly neighbours in the open windows are also painted on. Is this some artists’ idea of irony?

This one could be a sculpture by Dutch artist Henk Visch, it’s a miracle I saw it since I was looking on the ground mostly.

This one is unmistakably, must be, really, truly, a Per Kirkeby.

And so here are the ones along ‘Hellersdorf Promenade’, firstly the kinetic one….

then the semi-functional one (for when it’s raining)….

and lastly the Aztec/Art Deco one.

And now I’m very sad about my field of work and need to see some good stuff again.